Looking to volunteer at Country Boom this year? Well, we would love your help and are excited to make you part of the Boom Crew!

When you fill out the form below, please let us know if you have any preferences or skills that would make you a good fit for a certain aspect. If you prefer to stand at the front gate and be the face of the festival, or if you would rather sling some drinks, we will try to get you into the right space. While we can’t guarantee you will get your first choice in positions, we will do our best to get you a job that properly suits your interests.

All volunteers will be assigned a specific job for the festival. Although individual volunteers are welcome, we prefer the opportunity to work with local non-profit groups as a way to raise funds for their organizations.

Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer spots will be filled based on 4-hour shifts. Those looking to gain a festival ticket for their volunteer efforts must work an 8-hour shift leading up to or during the festival dates.

Volunteer Application